Frequently asked questions

Does Jordan have a mailing address?

No. He does not have a PO box. The best way to send something to Jordan is to check out his Amazon wish list.

Does Jordan have a contact email address?

Jordan does not have a direct email address for inquiries. The best ways to get in touch with him are via comments on his vlogs, during a live stream, or via Patreon.

Does Jordan accept requests for vlogs?

Jordan receives several requests every day. The best way to make a suggestion is via comments on his vlogs, during a live stream, or via Patreon.

Does Jordan do meetups with Lionhearts?

Yes, and all of them can be seen in in his vlogs. If Jordan decides to have a meetup, he will likely announce it either on his Patreon or on his community page on YouTube. Previous meetups:

How do I know when Jordan will do a live stream?

Jordan will sometimes post about upcoming live streams on his You Tube Community page. Often, the best way to ensure that you do not miss a live stream is to be sure you've signed up for all notifications for his You Tube channel.

Why is he called "Jordan the Lion?"

Jordan's astrological sign is Leo. This star sign is represented by a lion.

When is Jordan's Birthday?

July 30, 1981. Jordan's also filmed several vlogs about his history:

When is Jah's Birthday?

April 28, 2014. Jordan's filmed a couple of vlogs specifically about Jah's history:

Where can we buy DWJTL merch?

Jordan used to have merchandise available online for his channel. Those links aren't used by him anymore. All current merchandise is available (and linked) directly in his YouTube videos and on his website.

What kind of equipment does Jordan use to flim and edit his vlogs?

Jordan films on a Canon G7X Mark 3 camera and he edits his vlogs on PowerDirector Pro.

Is Jordan moving away from Los Angeles?

Jordan has filmed several vlogs and shared via many livestreams on YouTube that he is moving. He has purchased a home, but has no plans on disclosing further personal details. Jordan has given a tour of his empty home on his vlog. You can watch it here:


What is the name of the band/music Jordan uses in his videos?

The band's name is 84Nash, and they are friends of Jordan. The songs are:
Sandful of Hand
Cinnamon Block

Megatroid in Megacity